Isaayu in Sanskrit means ‘Fresh’

We believe –

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The closer your farm – the fresher the produce;

The fresher the produce – The fresher you eat;

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The fresher you eat  – the healthier your diet.

The healthier your diet – the sooner you attain “The Green Health”.

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“The Green Health” is achieved by adapting to a new and changed lifestyle

where our diets consist of eating fresh and healthy food.


Join THE ISAAYU MOVEMENT and attain “The Green Health”

At Isaayu we are introducing the idea of growing your greens, herbs, vegetables and fruits
in your own space and eating the freshly harvested produce. As the saying goes, “Food is a medicine by itself”.


With each passing day, people are becoming more conscious and aware of the benefits of a healthy and nutritious diet.

Isaayu encourages everyone to be an urban cultivator and adapt to the idea of “The Green Health”

by bringing Mother Nature close to them and contributing towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Ancient India considered ‘Food’ to be a form of the “Divine-Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam”, which means Supreme Power
and ‘Culinary’ to be one of the finest arts that was even practiced by the Kings like Nala and Bhima.

Our ancestors consumed fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and other food items and lived with the fullest health.
They followed the saying, “We are what we eat”.

As centuries passed by, people started buying food which was sold to them.
Food that predominantly contains pesticides used during farming, having an adverse effect to their health.

Thus, arose the need for adapting to our ancestral ways of eating fresh.
The idea of providing access to freshly grown food at home is revolutionary in itself.

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